Construction & Skilled Trades


Is one of the top four growing industries in Southern MD. This industry provides commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects. There are many career opportunities and the career pathway in construction and skilled trades will garner on average, $72,632 dollars a year!




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5-Year Job Growth

Sub-Sectors Include

Remodeling, highway, street, and bridge construction as well as residential and commercial development.

Top Advertised Job Skills:


Ability to convey thoughts and express ideas effectively in writing and speech as well as fully comprehend what others are saying. An example would be to fully explain to a customer the problem so they can understand it.

Detail Orientation

Ability to efficiently achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks. Example: collected detailed data and information to prepare technical drawings.


Steady hand and good hand-eye coordination when handling very small parts and tools precisely. Example: Being able to install small parts in an engine with very little room.


Ability to perform calculations to meet project and product requirements. Example: precisely measure and cut wood for shelving.


Knowledge of how the systems operate to assemble, disassemble, repair, reassemble and maintain machinery. Example: Disassemble an old climate control system and install a new one.

Physical Stamina/Strength

Ability to lift heavy equipment often, stand, climb, walk, or bend for many hours. Example-lift a bag of concrete mix over 50 lbs. and climb a ladder on the truck to pour into a mixer.

Power Tool Operation

Control the functioning of a tool that is powered by an additional power source and mechanism. Example: Use a bushwhacker to clear an overgrown area of wild growing shrubs.

Problem Solving

Identify complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Example: Work independently to modify building materials and make adjustments onsite to complete projects.

Time Management

Effectively plan in advance and work efficiently to meet deadlines. Example: Ensure each construction phase is completed on time regardless of material delays in order to complete project as scheduled.


Ability to find, diagnose, and determine best way to repair problems. Example: Perform tests on a non- working motor to determine that an open circuit is the cause of it’s failure.

Sample Pathway

General Laborer $16.53hr. (HS diploma)

Installation, maintenance, and repair worker $15.52hr. (on-the-job training)

Skilled Tradesman $26.87 (short-term training or apprenticeship)

First Line Supervisor $33.74 (AA Degree and Work Experience)

Project Manager $53.71 (BA Degree or Above)

Industry Training Programs

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Construction and Skilled Trades
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“After suffering a job loss related to the Pandemic, I was unsure how to navigate my way back to meaningful full-time employment. My Career Counselors always provided me with a wealth of information. They steered me to training classes I needed to upgrade my skills to return to an office environment after a 20-year absence. I am truly thankful for the resume skills workshop, the interview workshop, and the regular meetings to help me move forward to find the right job for me. I was able to land the perfect job for me in the commercial insurance industry!”

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