Job Search Resources

Are you interested in finding your career pathway? Are you seeking employment opportunities? Perhaps, you need to improve your resume and/or interviewing skills?

Well, you are connected to the right place!

We’ll provide employment resources to participants who are seeking employment opportunities, certified-skills training, and/or needs assistance with resume and interviewing preparation. For more information, take this opportunity to register now!

Resource Room Computer Station Use

Search and apply for jobs on the web, update your resume in MSWord, save to PDF, print resumes, and cover letters, scan and upload your documents, take career & skills assessments, and more!  

Please note that we are not able to assist with questions about Unemployment Insurance benefits. Contact the Maryland Department of Labor via web or phone … You can also complete an inquiry form.

Job Club (Virtual/In Person)

Looking for new strategies for your job search? Through weekly meetings with an experienced group facilitator, the Job Club at the Youth & Young Adult Services provides a supportive, confidential environment for job seekers to share challenges and learn from the experiences of others. Topics covered range from job research strategies and interview techniques to how to develop networking skills, and successful navigation in today’s workplace environment. Seating is limited.  To participate, register today.

Résumé / Interview Workshops

Join us for our Résumé and Interview workshops. Learn the tools to create your resume. This session is geared toward job seekers in need of resume building and increased resume confidence. It is also suitable for those who have not updated their resume in a significant period. 

Also, we feature the Interview workshop that will focus on preparing participants on how to respond to different types of interview questions, and the appropriate follow-up process after an interview has taken place.

For more information, please contact Malik Self, Youth Program Support Specialist at: MSelf@tccsmd.or

*To facilitate a positive learning experience participants should have access to word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) and email.

Tri-ME3 Logo: Empowerment, Education, Empolyment

“This summer as I desperately searched for a job, I remembered working with JobSource and my great experience there. I remember reaching out and asking for any opportunities available. I was informed and encouraged to apply for this year’s youth summer program. I’m so glad I applied and accepted this opportunity because this has been another amazing experience. This summer working with the company Stella’s Girls, I learned how it was working with a non profit organization. I learned about marketing through social media, time management and task deadlines. This summer program helped introduce me to the basics of work (time sheets, payroll, and communication) and to the Stella’s Girls company. I’m grateful to take some of these values back to school as I complete my senior year”.

Amor F.

“This program has allowed me to not only learn new concepts that will help me when joining the workforce, but has also allowed me to grow as an individual. The various courses taught me valuable lessons and skills that will be useful for my future. The internship courses showed me what it will take to succeed as an intern in the field, then mentorship program taught me how to successfully lead, and the other courses taught me Adobe and Photoshop. With these skills that I have obtained due to this program I have now developed a new expertise that I could bring into interviews, making me a better applicant than my peers that may be applying. I am thankful for this opportunity in participating in this program and am happy that it taught me valued sill that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.”

Aria S.

“I thought the program was great! It’s nice to know that there are programs like this one that is both credible and extremely beneficial to young adults. Although I went into the program not expecting too much, I learned quite a few things about soft skills and leadership, and in the end, I received a considerable amount of money that I could use for college. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Maryam A