Healthcare and Social Services

Healthcare jobs will continue to grow at a rate of 5.02% during the next five years. As the boomers age hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and long-term healthcare facilities are experiencing an increase in the need for services. This industry Includes a variety of opportunities in administration, surgical and behavioral health.




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5-Year Job Growth

Sub-Sectors Include

  • Hospitals
  • Dr. offices
  • Long-term healthcare facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Behavioral health
  • Social services

Top Advertised Job Skills:


The ability to adjust to altering work conditions and acquire new skills to respond quickly to changing ideas, responsibilities, expectations, trends, strategies and other processes. Example: Assist providers with preparation of reports, speeches, and articles during manager absence.

Basic Life Support/CPR

The type of care that first-responders, healthcare providers and public safety professionals provide to anyone who is experiencing cardiac arrest, respiratory distress or an obstructed airway. Example: Respond to an emergency health situation by providing basic life support and CPR.


The ability to convey thoughts and express ideas effectively in writing and speech as well as fully comprehend what others are saying. Example: Interpret and respond clearly to requests over the phone or in person by a client or patient.

Computer Literacy

The knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, perform basic tasks such as operating software systems, platforms and other computer programs. Example: Using a computer and database program to manage and record client or patient records.


Bringing the different elements of something complex into a harmonious and efficient relationship. Example: Organize the delivery of services provided to clients or patients based on provider availability, priority and type of service required, and facility usage.

Customer Service

Act of providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service and assistance to a customer before, during, and after the goods or services are rendered. Example: Greet clients or patients, determine the purpose of visit, and conduct interviews for intake or insurance forms.


Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning and development to influence others toward the accomplishment of identified objectives. Example: Plan, implement, and administer staff development programs to support policies and the best delivery of services to clients or patients.

Problem Solving

Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Example: Identify codes with conflicting, missing, or unclear information and consult with the coding team and providers to resolve the issues.


Act of planning the times at which particular tasks will be done, or events will happen. Example: Schedule client or patient appointments to receive services.


Qualities and abilities that allow you to work well with others during conversations, projects, meetings, or other collaborations. Example: Listen, ask questions, share ideas or concerns, and discuss potential solutions with your team regarding client or patient care.

Sample Pathway

Personal Care Aides $16.26hr. (HS diploma)

Sterile Processing Technician $19.73hr. (Industry Certification)

Surgical Technologist $26.2hr. (AA degree)

Surgical First Assistant $36.48hr. (AA Degree and 5 years’ Experience)

Surgical First Assistant $36.48hr. (AA Degree and 5 years’ Experience)

Healthcare Administrator $56.98hr. (BA/BS Degree or above)

Industry Training Programs

What do you do?

Life of a CNA

Career Profile-Dental Hygienist

What do Social Workers Do?

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“After suffering a job loss related to the Pandemic, I was unsure how to navigate my way back to meaningful full-time employment. My Career Counselors always provided me with a wealth of information. They steered me to training classes I needed to upgrade my skills to return to an office environment after a 20-year absence. I am truly thankful for the resume skills workshop, the interview workshop, and the regular meetings to help me move forward to find the right job for me. I was able to land the perfect job for me in the commercial insurance industry!”

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