Youth and Young Adults

The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland’s Youth & Young Adult Program empowers youth and young adults with high-quality career services, education and training, and supportive services for today’s advancing work place.

The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland/Southern Maryland JobSource Youth and Young Adult Programs serve youth between 16-24 not attending school, classified as low-income, and one or more of the following:

  • Justice-Involved
  • Homeless
  • Pregnant/Parenting
  • Youth with disability
  • Youth who require additional assistance to complete an education/employment program.
  • Compulsory school-aged youth who has not attended school for a least the most recent school year calendar quarter or more
  • Register for Military Selective Service, if applicable (males 18 yrs. and older).

General Eligibility Requirements to receive basic services:

Tri-ME3 Logo: Empowerment, Education, Empolyment

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Job Search Resources

Well, you are connected to the right place! We’ll provide employment resources to participants who are seeking employment opportunities, certified-skills training, and/or needs assistance …
Job Search Resources
Job Training

Job Training Opportunities

Eligible youth between the ages of 18-24 can receive grant-funded, individualized career services at no cost! Services offered include mentoring, career assessments, workplace readiness …

Summer Youth Employment Program

Are you between the ages of 16-24 living in Charles or Calvert County? OR Do you live in St. Mary’s County?(ages 14-24) The Summer …
Summer Jobs
Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn

Work-Based Learning The Work-Based Learning Program is an 11-week planned, structured, learning experience that takes place in the workplace environment. To be eligible, the …

“I thought the program was great! It’s nice to know that there are programs like this one that is both credible and extremely beneficial to young adults. Although I went into the program not expecting too much, I learned quite a few things about soft skills and leadership, and in the end, I received a considerable amount of money that I could use for college. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Maryam A