Retail & Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality is one of the top 4 growth industries in our region and we do not see a decline in available jobs over the course of the next 5 years. This industry provides a diverse group of occupations in tourism, accommodation and food and entertainment. The Chesapeake Bay region is a hot spot for game fishing and an abundance of seafood that is only available here. There are many career opportunities that will propel many different career paths.

Sub-Sectors Include

Watercraft and automotive repair, cosmetology, hotel and restaurant management, and top level retail buying and purchasing.

Retail & Hospitality



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5-Year Job Growth

Top advertised job skills:

Customer Service

Act of providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service and assistance to a customer before, during, and after the goods or services are rendered.

Building strong relationships

A combination of soft skills that a person applies to connect with others and form positive relationships.

Interpersonal skills

Comfortable interacting with people in different types of situations. Example: build trusting relationship with customer so they feel comfortable enough to share personal information which will help you make a very positive experience.

Developing Team Members

The process of assembling various members to build an effective team. In order to be effective, it’s critical that team members can work together well for maximum contributions to the team’s desired outcome.

Willingness to learn

Is when you want to broaden your mind and abilities. This willingness shows your employers that you have the drive to stay qualified for your job, or that you want to be even more prepared for what your job demands.

Sample Pathway—Hotel Management

Maid $12.01 (No minimum education required)

Floor Supervisor $18.63 (HS Diploma)

Housekeeping Managers $48.50 (BS Degree)

Industry Training Programs

What do you do?

What I do as a Fashion Buyer

An Inside Look-Housekeeping

I want that Job-Prep Cook

Retail Hospitality Snapshot
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“After suffering a job loss related to the Pandemic, I was unsure how to navigate my way back to meaningful full-time employment. My Career Counselors always provided me with a wealth of information. They steered me to training classes I needed to upgrade my skills to return to an office environment after a 20-year absence. I am truly thankful for the resume skills workshop, the interview workshop, and the regular meetings to help me move forward to find the right job for me. I was able to land the perfect job for me in the commercial insurance industry!”

Regina C.